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Duet RF System, Thermal RF and Fractional RF(for Scar and Wrinkle Removal)

Fractional RF Thermage CPT Face Lift Machine (VT5)Fractional RF Thermage CPT Face Lift Machine (VT5)

Our Duet RF system uses fractional radio frequency and thermal radio frequency technology to remove scars and wrinkles. It is a beauty machine designed for aesthetic appeal and an easy interface operation. It comes equipped with treatment probes on each handpiece.

Working Principle
The Thermal RF system is used by professionals all over the world for skin treatment in salons and spas. Our CPT uses a unique radio frequency technology to safely heat deep layers of skin while still cooling the skin to keep it intact during the procedure. During treatment, the probe will emit radio waves that vibrate at a rate of 6 million/second, in order to tighten existing collagen or stimulate new collagen growth. Over time, sagging and wrinkled skin is replaced with smoother, tighter skin that improves in tone and texture.

Face: Sagging skin, loose jowls, lack of definition in the jaw line, sagging neck skin, wrinkles and fine lines, lack of definition in the lips
Around eyes: Hooding, rough texture on the eyelids, wrinkles and fine lines, under eye bags
Body: Sagging or bulging skin, loose skin, cellulite

1.TUV 13485 and CE approved
2.80% of the main components are imported from an internationally known company
3.Japanese imported cooling system: Magnetic drive Japanese pump with 16m lift rate, water tank control with 4L/min flow rate for cooling, offer machine water circulation, lower noise, longer lifetime.
4.Mechanical Malfunction: Our equipment follows a modular design principle for easy maintenance. Our after-sales service team will also respond immediately to any inquiries, and solve any problems within 1 to 3 business days.
5.The LCD screen is separate from the CPU board. This makes it easier for distributors to add logos or upgrade software in the future without sending the screen back to us. An external USB stores any information you want.
6.ODM & OEM service, including mold design, interface design, printing logos and parameter settings
7.Humanized detail focus: Water level measurement, 8.4/10.4 inch LCD touch screen, wheels for the stationary machine, screw cover
8.We offer international after-sales services and technical support to resolve problems at any time.

1. Our thermage machine is non-invasive, causes no pain, leaves no cuts, and there are no side effects. There is no need for a negative plate, eliminating potential skin damage.
2. No rebound, long-lasting result
3. No risk on sensitive skin
4. Immediate result and deep heat effect
5. A unique automatic water cooling system ensures safe and comfortable treatment
6. Fixed treatment head designs ensures a high, even energy output. No lifetime limitations, no consumable parts
7. 3 Circle heads and 3 Square heads suitable for different treatment area or different sensitivity levels.

Machine Show

Duet RF System (Wrinkle Removal)

1. Fixed treatment heads: no consumables, no lifetime limitations for shots, which saves money in the long run. The fixed heads ensure an even and high output energy
(if using changeable treatment heads, the connection between treatment heads and hand pieces is very easily broken, leading to an unstable energy output and more money spent in the long run.)
2. Six golden fractional RF treatment heads are used for treatment of different parts, and the 6 fixed heads feature an independent cooling system to ensure there is long term treatment without stopping, and prolong the service life. (If there is no cooling function, users need to pause after 15 to 20 minutes of operation and wait for the machine to cool down).
3. Circle heads with 3 different sizes: treat different body areas, more targeted and more professional and square heads with 3 different densities, suitable for patients with different sensitivity levels.

Duet RF System (Wrinkle Removal)


RF Type Bipolar RF
Display 8.4 inch big color touch screen
Frequency 2.5Mhz, 3Mhz ,3.5Mhz
RF Handles 6 pcs handles
Cooling system Semiconductor +water cooling +wind
Voltage 110V/220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz, 12A
Duet RF System (Wrinkle Removal)

VCA Laser Tech Service
Warranty: We offer a 3 year warranty, lifetime maintenance services, and 24 hour calling service.
Training: User manual, treatment manual, technology manual, training video DVD
Certification: TUV ISO13485, CE, Free Sales, Medical device production license,
Quality: 80% imported promises the best quality.
OEM/ODM: We have our own mold and painting factory, as well as the fastest services and lowest prices for OEM and ODM services. All software is available in multiple languages.
Main Products: 808nm diode laser, Fractional CO2 Laser, Nd: YAG Laser, Dental Laser, IPL, ELIGHT, SHR, Cavitation, Vacuum, RF, Oxygen jet peel, LED, Vascular removal, Multifunction machine
Mechanical Malfunction: Our equipment features a modular design for easy maintenance. Our professional after-sales service team will respond ASAP to any inquiry, and will attempt to solve any problems with the equipment within 1 to 3 business days.
Damage in shipment: We pay shipping insurance for each package. Therefore, if any damage occurs during shipping, VCA will assist in solving the claim with the insurance company to get your money back. 

Duet RF System (Wrinkle Removal)
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