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808nm Diode Laser (Hair Removal)

808nm Diode Laser (Hair Removal)808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine (VD600)

Unwanted hair is a common problem in both men and women, ranging from a minor nuisance to an outright nightmare. Removing it permanently used to be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and expensive and time consuming. That has changed in recent years with the use of an 808nm diode laser hair removal machine. Here at VCA Tech, our diode laser achieves a fast hair removal, as well as comfortable, safe and affordable treatment, all while making use of the most advanced laser technology.

As the most popular instrument on the market today, the 808nm Diode Laser is the most effective method for permanent, painless hair removal without pain. Increasingly larger numbers of people are turning to using an 808nm Diode Laser for hair removal.  

How Does it Work?
The 808nm Diode Laser uses a special laser long pulse-width at 808nm, which penetrates deeper into the dermis where the hair follicle is location, with an average power and rapid pulse of 10 pulses per second.

It uses a selective light absorption theory, allowing the laser to be preferentially absorbed by melanin in the hair, then heating the hair shaft and hair follicle to destroy the hair follicle and any oxygen organization around the hair follicle. The laser’s attributes (wavelength, pulse duration and power) are all chosen specifically to ensure only targeted cells are affected, with no damage to the rest of the skin.

The laser output uses a special cooling technology, which will protect and cool the skin from injury, allowing for a safe, comfortable treatment.

The 808nm Diode Laser hair removal machine achieves a permanent hair reduction on all pigmented hair and skin types, including tanned skin.

1. Removal hair from all skin types
2. Removal of different hair types (fine, medium, coarse)
3. Hair removal from any body part: lips, beards, chest, arms, leg, bikini line

808nm Diode Laser (Hair Removal)

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808nm Diode Laser (Hair Removal)

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808nm Diode Laser (Hair Removal)

VCA Advantages:
TUV 13485 and CE approved.
80% of the main components are imported from internationally known companies, ensuring the quality.
We use German imported 13/20 piece laser bars, which are the most important component of the diode laser machine. The output energy is stable, with output shots reaching up to 20 million. Higher quality laser bars ensure a longer service life for the machine, costing you less in long term.
Our fast plug connection uses a hydro-power isolation system imported from Germany and America for a safer and more convenient operation than a traditional plug.
Special large handles are designed with special attention to ergonomics, ensuring the bars allow for a full heat dissipation and a comfortable handle.
The power module design is suitable for importing & exporting business, as well as ease of maintenance.
Imported Super cooling system: Air cooling, semiconductor cooling, or sapphire cooling options ensure the machine can work continuously without stopping, for 24 hours.
Air Cooling: 4 large ventilating fans, strong wind with lower noise, rapid cool down
Water Cooling: 4L water tank, with a radiator imported from Germany (similar to that used in BMW cars), and a Japanese booster pump to ensure a great water circulation in the machine.
Semiconductor Cooling: the handle features 2 semiconductor cooling plates for cooling down the laser bar and ensuring laser bar shots always remain within ideal temperatures. A strong semi-conductor cooling system allows for temporary epidermal anesthesia for increased comfort during treatment.
Sapphire Contact Cooling: real sapphire, excellent conduction, constantly cools the skin surface by -3℃ ~ 5℃ by contacting the tip. This reduces the risk of any pain and prevents the skin from being burned.
Taiwanese MEAN WELL Power Supply, radiation free, safe, environmentally friendly
Humanized detail focus, such as : Water level measurement, 8.4/10.4 inch big LCD touch screen, wheels for the stationary machine, screw covers
The LCD screen is separated from the CPU board, making it easier for distributors to add logos or upgrade software in the future without having to send the screen back to us. A USB stores all the information you want.
ODM & OEM service, including mold design, interface design, printing logo and parameter re-setting

Unique Features
1. Permanence: Effective for destroying hair follicles, produces heat accumulation for permanent hair removal.
2. Safe: There is little to no skin scattering, and no harm done to the skin or sweat glands. Therefore, there are no scars and no side effects
3. Excellent treatment can be expected the first time, and the diode laser is suitable for all hair types.
4. Efficiency: The 808nm diode laser hair removal system uses the most advanced technology. It can reach the hair follicle and destroy the hair papilla completely for a painless and permanent hair removal. It operates on the best wavelength for the absorption of melanin, making it among the best choices for permanent hair removal.
5. Hair removal is suitable for all colors and skin types
6. Fast treatment: A large spot size (15mm x 27mm² / 15 x 35mm²) avoids repeated treatment as the output shot frequency can be up to 10 shots/s with in-motion modes. This significantly improves the treatment speed, reduces treatment times to less than the original 1/5. In general, it only takes 10-15 minutes to remove hair from a space the size of a normal human back.
7. Safety: Self-checking & auto-protection mechanisms ensure the stability and safety.
8. Handles with different spot sizes: treatment tips can be changed between six different types for you to choose from: 9 x 9mm², 12 x 12mm², 15 x 15mm², 15 x 27mm², 15 x 27mm² +Vacuum Assist, and 15 x 35mm². These allow or a more specific targeted treatment area.
5 Fixed spots size handle: one handle one spot size, 15 x 35mm2 large spot handle for faster hair removal, hair can be removed from an entire back in as little as 10 minutes. Our handles are currently the largest for spot size supply in China.
Changeable spot size handle: One handle with 4 changeable spot size options – 9 x 9mm2(optional), 12 x 12mm2, 15 x 15mm2, 15 x 27mm2, 15 x 35, 4 spot size treatment heads for a more targeted treatment area in order to meet client needs.
Vacuum system assist+15 x 27mm2 spot size handle: Energy delivery is more efficient, lower fluence required, and epidermal cooling is better.
1.High energy: 13 / 20 piece laser bars are imported from Germany. Unlike less than 6 bars on the market, the output energy is more stable, with output shots reaching up to 20 million shots.
2.Expert System: The system allows for it to work on different skin and hair types, in order to work just as effectively on each patient. There is no resulting discoloration, and results can be seen right away after the first treatment.
3.Accurate and effective clinical parameters: Professional beauticians and dermatologists work together to create the best schedule
4.Intelligent operation and mufti-language software, easy to operate.


808nm Diode Laser (Hair Removal)
808nm Diode Laser (Hair Removal)


Laser type Semiconductor laser
Laser wavelength 808nm
Power density 0~200J/cm2 adjustable
Laser pulse width 50~400ms,adjustable
Pulse interval 1~5s,adjustable
Display interface 8.4/10.4 inch color touch screen
Spot size 15×35mm2,15×27mm2, 15×15mm2, 12×12mm2, 9×9mm2
Output power 2500W
Contact cooling Semiconductor cooling+ water cooling+ air cooling
Power source 110/220V±10﹪,60/50HZ
808nm Diode Laser (Hair Removal)

VCA Laser Tech Service
Warranty: We offer a 3 year warranty, lifetime maintenance services, and 24 hour calling service.
Training: User manual, treatment manual, technology manual, training video DVD
Certification: TUV ISO13485, CE, Free Sales, Medical device production license,
Quality: 80% imported promises the best quality.
OEM/ODM: We have our own mold and painting factory, as well as the fastest services and lowest prices for OEM and ODM services. All software is available in multiple languages.
Main Products: 808nm diode laser, Fractional CO2 Laser, Nd: YAG Laser, Dental Laser, IPL, ELIGHT, SHR, Cavitation, Vacuum, RF, Oxygen jet peel, LED, Vascular removal, Multifunction machine
Mechanical Malfunction: Our equipment features a modular design for easy maintenance. Our professional after-sales service team will respond ASAP to any inquiry, and will attempt to solve any problems with the equipment within 1 to 3 business days.
Damage in shipment: We pay shipping insurance for each package. Therefore, if any damage occurs during shipping, VCA will assist in solving the claim with the insurance company to get your money back.  

808nm Diode Laser (Hair Removal)
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