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Radio Frequency Machine for Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Rejuvenation Face Lift Machine(VR11)Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Rejuvenation Face Lift Machine(VR11)

How does it work?
RF Radio Frequency uses 1- 40 MHz adjustable frequency waves to produce heat when the tissue’s electrical resistance converts electrical currents into a thermal energy in deep dermal layers. Initial collagen denaturation within these thermally modified deep tissues causes the tissue to immediately contract, and subsequent neocollagenesis then further tightens the dermal tissue and reduces wrinkles.

1. Remove wrinkles (turkey neck, butterfly sleeves, tuna fish maw)
2. Skin rejuvenation, skin whitening and skin elasticity improvement
3. Skin tightening, face lift, and tighten large pores
3. Reshape face outlines and a good body shaping effect

1. Favorable 1-40 MHz RF and great penetration of 5~15mm, full range of treatment and better effect.
2. Two treatment head pieces are designed for specific treatment targets with different sizes: face tightening with small head pieces, and body contouring with large head pieces
3. Variable energy level control based on skin temperature in order to achieve accurate treatment
4. The patented inside GPC temperature control system automatically and simultaneously changes along with treatment parameters, such as skin temperature, contacting degree of the handle and other parameters in order to reach safe and effective treatment effects.
5. Continuous contact cooling in the range of 0~30°C makes the treatment more comfortable and effective without epidermal damage.
6. Large LCD color touch screen, friendly operation interface
7. Patented electrical conducting AB Film attached to the system for value added service
8. Quick, long lasting results: clients will immediately feel skin lifting and tightening after only one treatment. When the collagen is heated under temperatures ranging from 45℃ to 60℃, it begins to contract. This RF beauty equipment will improve the skin, fine lines, and remove wrinkles within 2 or 6 months after the initial treatment

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Radio Frequency Machine (Skin Tightening)


Radio Frequency Machine (Skin Tightening)


Radio Frequency Machine (Skin Tightening)

Technical parameters of RF skin lifting equipment

Frequency 1-40MHz
Output Mode Monopolar, Bipolar, Tripolar
Energy 2~600J adjustable
Display 5.7/8.4/10.4 inch color touch LCD screen
Power Supply 110V/220V±10%50 Hz /60Hz 10 A
Continuous working period 24 hours /Time setting
Language As customer's requirements
Radio Frequency Machine (Skin Tightening)

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Radio Frequency Machine (Skin Tightening)
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