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VCA TECH Technology Inc. is a professional beauty equipment manufacturer and skin treatment solutions provider specializing in a seamless process of R&D, production, sales and service.

VCA TECH Technology Inc.

Our headquarters are located in a national high-tech park in Beijing. Over the years, we have independently developed a series of skin treatment equipment and body shaping equipment, including the ultrasonic cavitation machine, vacuum body slimming machine, RF skin lifting equipment, fractional CO2 laser equipment, Nd: YAG laser machine, 808 nm diode laser hair removal machine, IPL skin rejuvenation equipment, SHR hair removal machine, E-light equipment, and cryolipolysis body slimming machine.

We offer standard models as well as OEM services, customizing the machine's configuration according to customer preference. Eighty percent of our beauty equipment components are sourced from internationally known suppliers in Germany, the United States, and Japan. Thanks to our talented and skilled teams in sales, production, technical support, R&D, quality control, and after-sales services, we can offer you 24-hour services and support for your equipment.

  • VCA TECH Technology Inc.
  • VCA TECH Technology Inc.

Manufacturing Strength
As a globally-established brand, VCA TECH Technology has developed a complete OEM and ODM beauty equipment production base and a full-service system, operating under internationally advanced production management. The company is certified by the ISO13485 quality management system, and all products are compliant with CE standards.

Our strict warehousing procedures for handling raw materials ensure a smooth process. In the preliminary appearance company_profile, we check the specifications and appearance of raw materials. Using an oscilloscope, current/voltage tester, multimeter and other tools, we carry out tests on all electronic components to make sure they work normally and reliably. A dust-free optical component treatment workshop ensures a clean process.

Along with quality materials, we've established a quality management system that guarantees efficient and accurate production. Traceability of every component helps to solve problems in finished products before delivery. We are proud of our production team, which makes over a thousand pieces of equipment every month.

Before delivery, all products endure all-around testing on electrical properties, optical properties, safety features, and software control. We choose professional packaging boxes and reliable shock-absorbing material to wrap the equipment, making sure that each machine is protected from damage during delivery.

Flagship Products
The 808nm diode laser hair removal equipment quickly and painlessly removes hair for noticeable and long lasting results. The laser's spot size is 15x27mm2 and 15x15mm2; German imported palladium bars ensure steady light energy.

The SHR beauty equipment has an efficient cooling system, continuous lighting, painless hair removal, and facial rejuvenation that is immediately effective. A German Xenon lamp provides three spot sizes and a 1200W power supply ensures steady light energy. A US imported fast plug supports the water/circuit separation system inside of the machine.

The fractional CO2 laser machine comes with a US Coherent laser tube which produces a stable light throughout the machine's lifetime. Various treatment probes can be attached for gynecological, dental, and scanning purposes. Vacuuming and blowing attachments are also available.

The cryolipolysis slimming equipment has different sized handpieces with adjustable light energy for treating different body parts. Four handpieces can work simultaneously and display synchronous information with the monitor. With a built-in vacuum handpiece and FDA-certified technology, the slimming equipment provides noticeable weight loss results.

The multifunctional 4 in 1 slimming machine features ultrasonic cavitation, vacuum, RF, laser technology for quick results in wrinkle removal and weight loss.

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