Company Tour

VCA TECH Technology is a beauty equipment supplier, making e-light machines, ultrasonic cavitation machines, and Nd: YAG laser machines to treat hair, skin, wrinkles, and tattoos. Check out our office buildings and warehouses where we design the equipment, market our products, and provide experiential treatments for our customers.

  • Reception Area
    Reception Area
    Welcome to VCA TECH Technology
  • Exhibition Room 2
    Exhibition Room 2
    Key components in our beauty equipment are imported from Germany, the US, and Japan.
  • Training Room
    Training Room
    We regularly train our staff in new products and production technology so they are knowledgeable in product quality.
  • Office
    We maintain a clean and tidy working environment.
  • Conference
    Our team is hardworking and passionate.
  • Full view of company building
    Full view of company building
    VCA TECH has independent offices for research, development and production so we have a high capacity for quality products and services.
  • Raw material warehouse
    Raw material warehouse
    Our raw material warehouse is under a standard management system.
  • Standardized production line
    Standardized production line
    Our employees are well-trained within our standardized production line.
  • Optical workshop
    Optical workshop
    A dust-free optical workshop ensures our product quality.
  • Packaging for air transport
    Packaging for air transport
    Special packaging for air transport protects equipment from accidental damage during transport.
  • Raw material inspection
    Raw material inspection
    Strict inspection ensures the correct electrical properties and performance of each component.
  • Finished product inspection
    Finished product inspection
    Each finished product undergoes rigorous inspection before leaving the factory.
  • Marketing and service team
    Marketing and service team
    Our marketing and service team is experienced in foreign trade.
  • Technical department
    Technical department
    Our professional research and development team offers technical support and finds solutions for customer-specific requirements.
  • Leisure center 1
    Leisure center 1
    We provide a comfortable leisure center for employees to rest and recharge in their work day.
  • Leisure center 2
    Leisure center 2
    Our employees relax at our leisure center in their spare time.
  • Exhibition room 1
    Exhibition room 1
    We have an excellent OEM team that design's the products' appearances and user interfaces.
  • Experience center
    Experience center
    Our modern and stylish experience center provides customers the chance to experience our beauty equipment within a private and professional environment.